New Website!

I almost forgot to tell you about my new website that very dear people offered to make for me!  Perhaps there is something that appeals to you on it and maybe you would like to sign up for the newsletter! 0000


Some months ago I had a visitor staying at the beautiful BB down the road called Paladina. Before she left she told me that the owner of the BB wanted to meet me. Being in my bubble of solitude at the time I kept procrastinating calling the lady; also I felt I needed a special … [Read more…]

Time to say Goodbye!

I have been holding my feelings in a container these past few weeks about Bína moving to another caretaker. I suspect I push on the break until all is settled and well in her world. Tomorrow is time to say farwell. My new, beautiful Danish girlfriend, Søs, and Bína fell in love with each other … [Read more…]


Bína and I have had many adventures on our daily walks. Some might roll their eyes and find these walks boring since they are mostly the same routes. At first, that was also my perception and felt more like a duty, airing my dog. What could possibly be interesting about these same routes, same flora, … [Read more…]


An Angel in physical form just flew by for a short while and left this morning with the gust of wind in a big, black Jeep! Charming us both, Bína and I, with her outstreched wings on our doorsteps yesterday – lucky us – she also happened to bring along her magical wand! Bibidibabidibu, and … [Read more…]

Snob and Nepotism!

„Je suis snob“ sang my friend, Begga Jóns, in Highschool with her angelic voice and we echoed the rebel’s choir in support. A vivid image of us on the stage portraying Boris Vian songs with such spirits and open hearts. Little did I know back then of my own path and that being in the … [Read more…]


Today is perhaps the last day alone with my precious dog, Bína. I have been telling her about this change in our lives and I know she knows, and that it is necesseary. Neither of us like to dwell on the idea too long…. I do not think it is specially the words or even … [Read more…]