Private lessons in Sacred Sound and Joyful Evolution via Skype!

Sound is amazing healing device and can lift ones spirit tremendeously! As a guide in a method called Joyful Evolution, that focuses on releasing emotional blockages I am now combining breathing and sound with the participation of the client itself, with Joyful Evolution sessions. All works wonderfully via skype! If you are interested to try … [Read more…]


Wednesday, the 23rd of March, the day of the full moon and lunar eclipse, was a very interesting day. All kinds of emotions flew through my being; touched it and then swept away like clouds that dissolved in the sky. Like I was going through a washing maschine cycle ending up being clean and fresh.  … [Read more…]

Circling energy!

As I am sitting here on my balcony on the top of my Mountain lion, drinking my morning coffee and indulging homemade gluten free pancakes with sun on my cheeks, a flush of gratefulness showers through my being. I feel so blessed and protected on the sometimes unpredictable waves of life. I specially cherish the … [Read more…]


Some months ago I had a visitor staying at the beautiful BB down the road called Paladina. Before she left she told me that the owner of the BB wanted to meet me. Being in my bubble of solitude at the time I kept procrastinating calling the lady; also I felt I needed a special … [Read more…]